Verdale CSC Land Group (Developer)

Twin Vew – Another Development by CSC

Twin Vew Developer of Verdale Condo By CSC

CSC Land Group

CSC Land Group is one of the leading developers in Singapore. The company has a portfolio consisting of commercial hotels, public and private condos. CSC Land’s main objective is to build a world that enables people to live comfortably. This is through the development of housing units that meets the needs of an average resident today. The properties are strategically situated next to various amenities enabling the residents to enjoy the convenience.

The company owns a considerable share in China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CCDC), which is among the largest Investment and Construction conglomerate ranking position 24 in the top Global Fortune 500 Enterprises. Since its formation, the company has constructed several homes enabling many Singaporeans to live comfortably. Now, approximately 1 out of 25 people reside in a quality home constructed by CCD. The homes offer lasting value to homeowners and investors, which has made the company earn trust.

CSC Land Group is made up of highly qualified engineers with several years of experience in constructing quality homes. As a result, their assets are well designed, balanced, functional and offers value. The company has been honoured and received various accolades and awards due to their dedication to making the world better in terms of housing.  The awards show the recognition that the building experts have received by different organisations. Among the projects that the company has done in the past is Twin View.

About COHL Singapore

COHL is  also commonly known as China Overseas, China Overseas Holdings Limited, which is a subsidiary of China State Construction Engineering Corporation was created in 1979 in Hong Kong. The company has 5 subsidiaries listed in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange holding up to HK$350 billion in terms of market capitalisation. Some of its brands include China State Construction, China Overseas Property and COPL.

The company is guided by its mission to create living spaces that offer value in the field of residential developments. It has established a presence in various nations including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, US, UK and Australia accumulating a total land reserve of 91 million sqm.

In all their developments, the company uses lots of research and innovations to come up with housing units that meet the expectations of investors and homeowners. Their qualified team of experts is also instrumental in enabling them to achieve their goals. Due to their top-notch constructions, the company has received several recognitions through awards.

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