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Geylang sates a deep and insatiable appetite in Singapore. This week, we talked to a somebody who lived at Geylang for a year, roughly what it is like to reside:

The home in question

Marcos Teng is Malaysian, but operated in Singapore for 3 years; he returned to Kuala Lumpur only this season.

The house that he picked was Treasures@G20, where he dwelt for a year. Marcos cites the unit was approximately 400+ square feet, along with the lease was fantastically reduced at only $1,500 per month.

1. Marcos dwelt in both Tampines and Geylang, but it is clear he favors:

“Afterwards I transferred into the Tampines place, but between the two that I believe Geylang was really more favorable. In Geylang the coffee shop people understood their clients’ names. There was I left my phone on the desk, and also the zhi char man — his name is Alex — he really came into the floor of my apparatus to reunite it.

2. On one road, outside specialists who ogle get pursued off with water guns
“I think that it had been Lorong 18,” Marcos says,”I can not remember it too clearly today. But one odd spectacle was that these working women would line up there, and large mobs of overseas employees would walk up and down to have a glance. However there were always mad folks in the houses near, and they’d come out and yell at the employees to go away. And occasionally they’d spray water , using a water gun or a hose.

3. There are far more illegal cigarette vendors than illegal-anything else
Even though most men and women associate Geylang with commercial sex, the actual vice in that region — based on Marcos — is smoking. Throughout his time , Geylang was the go-to place for dishonest people to acquire unlicensed cigarettes. In reality, this is a much larger issue compared to illegal prostitution or gang conflicts, from what he can see.

4. You will gain weight alive there
Marcos’ vow to test all of the food in Geylang at a year was a collapse. He did, but see profits elsewhere.

“I set on four kilos annually,” Marcos says,”And the exact same will occur to anybody who resides there. Every two steps you walk in Geylang, somebody is attempting to sell food. And I figure the character of extreme competition is the reason why the restaurants standing are always the great ones.”

5. If you are expecting dangerous triads, then you’ll be disappointed
Geylang remains home to numerous clan institutions, some of which were considered unsafe. Once.

However, since Marcos points out, the clan institutions aren’t triads (although long past there was some connection ). For the most part, they are heritage clubs targeted at maintaining a dying civilization. Marcos states that many of these”seem to spend all day enjoying mah jong, or practicing cultural arts such as lion dances. I believe I never saw over a dozen people — there was no crying or swearing, except that the friendly kind.”

Marcos also says that the fights in the region are more commonly because of drunk folks, than real gangs.

Geylang is slowly being washed up, and it is still one of the best priced, centrally located areas such as renters. In addition to this, the URA isn’t any more zoning residential units for Geylang, giving its present units a higher scarcity value.